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Rauland Timekeeping Systems

Rauland's complete line of timekeeping solutions ensure your school or facility is always on-time. When everyone in your school and district are on the same time, staff are more efficient and therefore more productive. A synchronized clock system throughout your school district keeps busses and students running on the time, eliminating logistics problems and tardiness.

All Rauland analog clock systems are designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance while being backed by the best warranty (5 years) in the industry. For a quick overview of Rauland clock products, review the Brochures.

Atomic Time Synchronization and Master Clocks

Schools can easily time-synchronize bells, tones, communication systms and wired or wireless Rauland clocks for a complete timekeeping solution.  Keep everyone on time by synchronizing all the clocks in your facility using a Rauland wireless transmitter, atomic clock synchronization device or master clock. Rauland clocks provide a high performance timekeeping solution that helps keeps you under budget and always on time with analog, digital, wired and wireless clocks.

Analog Secondary Clocks
Rauland provides the single-vendor solution by offering a complete analog clock line.  Analog clocks are available in twelve and sixteen inch models that can also be mounted in a double-face kit. The sturdy double-face kit can be attached to a wall or hung from the ceiling.

Digital Secondary Clocks
When you need a display that's visible from up to 125 feet, the high-intensity 2520 Series of digital clocks provide the solution. All Rauland digital clocks can be powered by typical 120 VAC or 24VAC. This provides installation flexibility that reduces costs and hardware requirements.


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