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Fire Alarm


EST offers powerful solutions that protect people and property with some of the most innovative technology ever developed.


From sophisticated life safety and security systems to cost-effective intelligent threat detection, all our products undergo rigorous scrutiny throughout their development to make sure they bring long-term value to every application...

So it comes as no surprise that our solutions can be found maintaining secure environments in some of the world’s most important structures. But your building doesn’t have to be a national treasure to benefit from world-class fire and life safety technology. Our product lines are meticulously designed to offer both value and performance for any size building, and our wide selection offers a single comprehensive source of quality life safety products for any application.


For more information:

EST3 - (Panel) Networkable FA, Sec., Voice Evac, and much more...

EST2 - (Panel) Networkable Fire Alarm, Voice Evac.

QUICKSTART- (Panel) Fire Alarm, Dual Mode Intelligent/Conventional

FIRESHIELD - (Panel) Fire Alarm, Affordable and Reliable

SIGNATURE - (Devices) Intelligent Multisensor Detection

GENESIS - (Devices) Signaling Horns, Strobes, Speakers, Chimes

MASS NOTIFICATION - (System) Emergency Notification System

FIREWORKS - (Software) Emergeny Command and Control Interface