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Nurse Call


Responder Systems: Nurse call at its best

Responder makes it easier for you to deliver the highest quality patient care. Responder is a nurse call system that provides real benefits to caregivers.

Fast, Direct Communication

With Responder, patients communicate with nurses – and nurses communicate with each other, with physicians, and with staff – immediately. The right person gets the right call at the right time. Nurses can deliver better care, in less time, with less effort.

Effortless Implementation

Responder is made to fit your processes and practices. During implementation, we make sure that Responder is configured and programmed to support the way your nurses work, day in and day out. And, our approach to training ensures that your nurses and staff get hands-on experience using Responder in your own environment.

Integrated Systems
Responder links wireless technologies – phones and pagers, locating systems, electronic staffing and census, and reporting systems – with traditional nurse call equipment. And Responder integrates easily with other hospital systems.

Simplified and Streamlined Workflow
Responder makes it easy for various departments – nursing, housekeeping, surgery, pharmacy – to coordinate their efforts. It's as easy as the push of one call button; and, with Responder, call buttons are customized to match your processes.

Responder is the right nurse call system, for healthcare facilities large and small.


Responder® 5
Responder 5 is a complete and easy-to-use communication system that integrates the capabilities of the latest technology - wireless phones and pagers, real-time locating systems, electronic staff assignments, and enterprise-wide reporting - with traditional "nurse call" equipment. The newest Responder is readily customized to fit your environment, to address your hospital's challenges and deliver the performance in nurse call you are looking for.

Responder IV
Along with all traditional nurse call functions, Responder IV offers fully engineered integration capabilities, so the system can work seamlessly with today's most popular hospital communication technologies, including pocket paging, wired and wireless telephone systems, infrared staff and equipment location, and MIS/ADT software applications.

Responder NET
Responder NET harnesses the power of a user-friendly PC interface to help staff meet the growing demands of patient care. Along-side Responder IV this network based solution offers easy staff sign-on, an intuitive staff scheduler, simple bed management system, and real-time patient/staff information for "anytime, anywhere" advanced communications.

Responder 4000
Responder 4000 is a cost-effective, feature-rich speech or non-speech nurse call communications system designed to meet the needs and budget of skilled nursing and extended stay facilities. The system offers an impressive array of features, including pocket paging, wireless telephones, resident check-in, management software, and integration to the Responder IV system.

The Tracer staff/equipment location system uses infrared technology to overcome some of the greatest challenges faced in the health care environment – locating mobile staff members and portable equipment. Tracer integrates into your Responder nurse call system and makes it possible for staff members to find one another and the equipment they need - all at the touch of a button.